Praying Every Day

Praying Every Day

May 15, 2020

Thank the LORD for blessings everyday.  My dearest wife, Diane and I went for a walk with her mother and father and Isaac through Lilacia Park this week in celebration of Mother’s Day and in memory of all our moms. I wrote this prayer today to our amazing, almighty, ever-living and ever-loving God – Yahweh:


For the gifts, LORD Father,

we received from your hand;                                                                                                  

For your glory, LORD Jesus,

as we live in this land;                                                                                                

For the grace, Holy Spirit,

to walk in your way,                                                                                                        

May we praise you forever,

till eternity’s day.  Amen

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  1. Carlos Catalan /

    Prey for may family

    • Pr. Mark Frusti /

      We will pray for your family today and everyday. Jesus knows
      it all and cares.

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