Jesus the Passover Lamb

Jesus came from His blessed throne, salvation to bring to the castaways of this earth.  He Himself became a castaway as he surrendered himself to the will of the people, was crucified and quickly buried in a grave own by another. As Jonah was three days in the belly of a great fish after being cast into the sea, Jesus was three days in the heart of the earth, till the grave opened up and He arose from the dead.

Moses led the people through the sea on dry land. But Jesus leads all who believe through the ocean of this forsaken world to our Father in Heaven. Join us this Sunday, April 2 at 4:00 as we explore how Jesus Christ is the Passover Lamb slain for the sin of the world.




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Easter Sunrise

Celebrating Easter Sunrise at Faith 6:30am. Easter Breakfast will follow. Celebration Service of Christ’s victory over sin, death and the devil will be held at 9:30am.

Dave and Laura Knoerr will be back for Easter Sunrise Service here at Faith Sunday April 16th at 6:30am with the men making breakfast at 8:00. Celebration Service at 9:30.

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Cast Me Not Away 

By: Pastor Mark Frusti



Thoughts of Lent this year revolve around the presence of Christ found through-out the Bible and in Church History. The presence of Christ was experienced in the Garden of Eden, in the Flood and in the lives of the Patriarchs.

It was also typified in the Exodos Passover, in the giving of the Ten Commandments, in the Divinely commanded ceremonies Israel was told by God to practice and in the writings of the Prophets. But, as we know, the Presence of Christ impacted our world most when Jesus walked this earth. He lived and died here on earth for us all that we might be drawn into the Presence of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, today and forever.

At Pentecost and through the ages of Church history Christ has continued to manifest His presence in our hearts to a world cast away from God. David’s words in Psalm 51 will lead the exploration and rediscovery of Christ in everything.

For whenever we sin by turning away from the LORD who is Spirit, we also experience these agonizing feelings that David felt when he said “Cast me not away from Thy Presence and take not Thy Holy Spirit from me.” May God renew your hearts this Lent and encourage you to enter into the joy of Christ’s salvation with a conviction to do His will every step of the way.


A personal word of thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers during this time of recovery after recent surgery. God be with you all as we journey ultimately through an empty tomb of our own. Pastor Mark

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Is It God’s Plan?

Is It God’s Plan?


In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:6

After being anointed king of Israel, instead of immediately going to Jerusalem and claiming his throne, David was forced to spend years living like a fugitive and hiding in caves because Saul was out to take his life.

More than once he must have asked himself, ‘What about the promise God gave me?’

Then an interesting thing happened. One of David’s soldiers found Saul asleep; he came to David, saying, ‘God has delivered your enemy into your hand … let me strike him’ (1 Samuel 26:8). What an opportunity! Get rid of the man who wants to kill you, come out of hiding, and claim your throne. After all, you’re already anointed to be king!

It all made sense, except for one thing – it wasn’t God’s plan. As much as David wanted to rule Israel, he knew that in order to succeed he must do it God’s way. This story should make you think twice, and pray before acting. When Abishai offered to kill Saul, he had David’s welfare at heart.

So be careful; your friends can give you advice contrary to God’s will. That’s when it’s hard not to go along with it, or defend your decision by rationalizing that the end justifies the means.

Never let anyone, however well intentioned, persuade you to do what you know is wrong. ‘Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don’t try to figure out everything on your own. Listen for God’s voice … he’s the one who will keep you on track’ (Proverbs 3:5-6).

Heavenly Father, help me to always do what I know to be right in Your eyes and not be persuaded to do differently by those close to me. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

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Lenten Schedule 2017


Ash Wednesday is March 1 and begins the Lenten Soup Suppers every Wednesday for 6 weeks at 6:00 pm. Followed by a Lenten Service at 7:00 pm.

The Themes for Lent will center around:

Our theme this year is Cast Me Not Away based on Psalm 51.

Dates of soup supper: March 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th, April 5th. .

Join us at Faith Lutheran Church, 2525 Helm Rd, Carpentersville IL 60110;

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