Heaven or Hell

Heaven or Hell

Oct 11, 2014

Which way to go? Can’t make up your mind? We see yards decorated with tombstones and ghosts and spooky costumes with kids inside walking the streets looking for treats. For most its harmless fun, a way to get out and visit the neighbors. For Martin Luther it was a time to nail a statement on the church door: you cannot buy a person’s way into heaven by giving money to the church.

Luther was a very devout Roman Catholic monk who worked very hard trying to make God happy. But he feared Him terribly. Then he discovered that God sent His Son Jesus, not to judge him, but to bear all of his sins on the cross. That’s when Luther saw the gates of paradise open before him. He said he was born again.

So began the reformation of the Church.  It did not come easily.  Yet many others discovered that same wonderful truth of the Bible. We are saved by grace through faith alone, not by works, but by faith in Christ. No one need fear the wrath of God because Jesus suffered for our sin, and hell and death as well. The way to heaven is paved by the Lord Jesus. Hell is real. So is Satan. But Jesus protects us, loves and accepts us.  All we do is accept his free invitation to come to a banquet with him in the Kingdom of Heaven.

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